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Well, new audio released today captures the moment one lucky Welsh Euromillions winner discovered he had scooped a 1m prize. EuroMillions winner Keith Williams has been reliving that magical moment he received the news after the recording of his initial phonecall to Camelot was used in a nationwide campaign looking at Brits excitement thresholds. Railway contractor Keith, 54, from Merthyr Tydfil won 1m in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle draw on Friday 26 July and could be heard exclaiming in disbelief at his good fortune. Keith socialises at Wales luckiest social life after winning the lottery rebelmouse.com club - Guest Keen Memorial Social and Bowls Club in Dowlais where former EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle winner Mark Benbow is also a member. Mark scooped 1m back in June 2011. Listen to the moment Keith received the news Keith and wife Patricia, a school secretary, still cant believe their luck and are waiting for their good news to sink in. They are currently enjoying an Egyptian holiday, which they had booked before they learnt of their win. Grandfather Keith said: "It's great that me and Mark are not just members of the same social club we're also part of the millionaire club. "I might even put a few quid behind the bar now so my friends can have a drink on me. "I'd always been a bit jealous of Mark but it seems some of his luck has rubbed off on me. "Mark was really pleased for me, he came over and gave me a bit of advice on what was going to happen next. "He was a great help and it was great to speak to someone who knows exactly how it feels - although my news has barely sunk in yet." His call is living proof that winning the lottery rates highly on the excitement scale, a fact borne out in The National Lottery study. Whilst last years London Olympics has been named as the most exciting national event in recent years (31%), winning the lottery, falling in love, booking a holiday, getting a new job and buying a house were named as the top five most exciting big-deal events that could happen in our own lives. According to the study into the nations excitement threshold, its possible our traditional British reserve could be a thing of the past with recent sporting events, Royal celebrations and personal triumphs all contributing to a new outpouring of emotions and public celebrations. The survey by The National Lottery reveals that nearly one in five of us get genuinely excited at least once a day, while 40% say their excitement levels go sky-high at least once a week. Almost two thirds say they show their excitement by laughing out loud. The study coincides with the release of a collection of recent National Lottery winner calls, just like Keiths, displaying spontaneous and over-excited reactions to the news of a big lottery win. A National Lottery spokesperson said, This poll shows that the British are becoming much more chilled at displaying their emotions something we have experienced first-hand at our winners call centre. Listening to our players react to the news of a big win, is the best part of our job! Keiths call shows that life-changing, knee trembling, whoop for joy excitement could be waiting for any one of us, its as simple as buying a ticket.
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We establish credibility with others, build relationships, and maintain the minutiae of daily life with and through communication. Instead of lamenting that a person or a politician is all rhetoric and no action, take some time to think about how our shared cultural values generate the rhetoric we use and connect to the actions we do and do not take. Because our words and actions are so closely connected I want to take the opportunity the Listserve has provided to encourage you to be more mindful of how you communicate. These are a few tips and suggestions I often share with my students in an attempt to encourage more careful and mindful communication. While none of them are earth shattering, when I work carefully at using them in my everyday life I can see the quality of the relationships around me improve. First, the best piece of advice I have ever received about communication came from my mentor. He was fond of saying Listening is an ethical choice we make. Hearing as an auditory capacity is not the same as listening. Listening is an intensive activity. Listening requires vulnerability. Listening and willing to be vulnerable to what someone has to say allows us to communicate in a more open environment. We often fail to listen because we allow our predispositions to block communication before it ever begins. Second, be active in your communication. We often thoughtlessly react to what others say. This begins a negative chain of communication that can be counter-productive. Beyond failing to listen, we utter the first thing we think of and we fail to be active and mindful. If we communicate more creatively and more actively we can avoid reacting to others and damaging relationships with those around us. Last, dont get hung up on assuming the intent of the person communicating with you. What I mean is, it is impossible to know for sure what a person intended to mean when they say something to us. When I think of the missteps I make in everyday communication it is often because I assume why someone said something to me, I take offense at them for the purpose behind what they said. In reality, I can never know the intent behind their statement unless they tell me.
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